Lg error code 22 but compressor is running

Error 8 - STATUS_IDLE_ERROR. You have issued a command only allowed when the machine active state is You have got soft limits turned on and configured, and the job your trying to run is larger than you Error 22 - STATUS_GCODE_UNDEFINED_FEED_RATE. You cannot issue a movement if no.

To put your LG refrigerator in Test Mode 1, locate the "Freezer Temp" function. That is where It Is Fixed Appliance Repair can help.We offer same-day in-home LG refrigerator repair everywhere in Code 22 on LMX 25964ST There is no relay attached to compressor so I’m not sure which part needs replacing. .

Type of compressor is great. Saves you about 100 dollars a year on electricity if you don’t mind paying 1000 dollars to “maybe” fix it. Yes he said, Maybe LG will give you a new compressor but labor will run you about 1000.00 and I will not warranty my work for more than 3 months because it’s common for them to break down again within a.




LG fridge getting the 22 code? This error code means one thing. Hey I have LG Refrigerator LFXS24623S/00 and it not cooling either compressor is running fans are working but Compressor seems to be running fine, not cooling/freezing right, get error code 22 but there is no compressor.


If your compressor is not running, you replaced these parts, wired it correctly, and the compressor is getting hot, tripping the overload, you could have a bad compressor, only if you're receiving the full 120 volts and not getting anything out of the compressor, you could have gotten a bad part, but very unlikely, lastly you could ohm out the compressor between each.